My passion for children’s books goes WAY back!

I began collecting children’s books when starting my family and now, all these years later, my love of children’s books was rekindled when I became a grandmother.  I get the pleasure of reading all of my kids’ books to my grandkids.  Most of my kids’ favorites are my grandkids’ favorites too.  This inspired me to write my own series and the journey has been fabulous!

My books are quite unique.

One thing that makes my books unique is the personal touch I add to each and every book.  There is something about each one that draws from a childhood memory of mine, one from raising my kids, and now I am able to come up with more ideas from the shenanigans of my grandkids.  Doxie Tales is a website dedicated to my Children’s Book Series Doxie Tale Adventures.  Doxie Tale Adventures follows a family of dachshund pups Whiskers, Wags, and their sister Sniffy.  The characters were inspired by my own doxies Peanut and Abby.  They love children’s books too!

Stay tuned, the fun has just begun!

Now that the grandkids are in the mix, the possibilities are endless!



Join me for some fun stories and I’ll bet you’ll find this series a real wiener!