Drum “role” please!!


My Christmas books have arrived!  I have to tell you the story about the role of Santa in Santa’s Super Sleepover.   I have this friend who has this super cool black Schnauzer (his head shot is shown above).  Although this series is dedicated to doxies, I knew he had to be a part of one of the books.  After much back and forth with the illustrator, I think we came up with a pretty good likeness of good ole Boerne (named after the town in Texas).

My friend has been through a lot the past ten years and Boerne has been such a blessing and thus deserves his day in the sun!  Any dog lover knows the important role these lovable creatures play in comforting their human companions when things aren’t so good.

I would like to thank these special friends for being such an inspiration and important part of my life ♥


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  1. Awwwww!!! Borne & I are very honored to be part of the Doxie Tales Adventures! It is certainly true that we are blessed by the presence of our furry companions! We are also so blessed to have our 2 legged friends who take encourage and support us when life isn’t treating us kindly. Thank you friend!!

    As for Boerne…. You know he thinks he is King Schnauzer most of the time anyway so being part of the Christmas book has made his ego just a bit over the top these days – ha! We both love it!!

    Again–thank YOU!! :-)))

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