These two undie wearing cuties are the inspiration for my book series.  Abby, on the left, is a piebald dachshund.  Piebalds can be a mix of black and white or red and white (like my Abby).  She is my shadow.  Peanut is the more common black and tan short haired and full of personality.  Sadly, Peanut was taken from us just 5 days shy of her 13th birthday after being diagnosed with kidney failure.  We miss her dearly but I will always use this pic of the two of them reading “their book” on the dedication page of all future books.

Peanut & Abby my inspiration for the characters.

My name is Jody and I have worked my entire life at a job that has allowed me to pay the bills. I had to put on my serious face and be “professional”. I was allowed to get up at the butt crack of dawn and wear dress clothes that I did not care for (because they weren’t sweatpants).

I’ve always heard the phrase, “when one door closes, another one opens” and this is just what happened to me. Forced to retire early, I was left with the big question “now what”.  I have always loved children’s books and I adore all dogs but particularly doxies. I decided to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a writer. So…I’m a lover of doxies and an author of children’s books about doxies. Makes sense doesn’t it? Oh and I like to sit down A LOT which is perfect for writers like myself.

I wouldn’t be this far into fulfilling my dream if not for the reconnect I made with a friend from my childhood.  I decided to look up this friend on facebook and sent her a friend request.  She accepted, we caught up on the last 30 years, and one thing led to another.  I shared my dream, she shared her knowledge and now I am finally making my dream come true.  I cannot thank this person enough.

My first book,“A Super Fun Day”, was published to Amazon & Kindle on March 26th, 2014 and after much trial and error (mostly error), a 2nd edition was published on 7/17/14.  I was introduced to a great graphic designer who informed me of how much cleaner and more professional she could make the layout of my first edition.  She has been a huge part of the look of my books ever since.  Her talent has been a huge asset to my projects.  Of course no children’s book would be complete without great illustrations.  After a rocky start to that process, issues worked themselves out.  Nothing worth doing is ever without complications right??


This website is dedicated to promoting my books, reviewing other children’s books, and hopefully amusing some people with my weird, off pudding sense of humor. That’s right my children..SENSE OF HUMOR.
Oh, I must tell you that my kids do not think I’m funny at all. They refer to my humor as “mom jokes”. They think I’m only funny to people in my own age group.

Agree to disagree. If I am only funny to people who receive AARP magazine in the mail, why do so many of their young friends “like” my jokes and comments on facebook??? Those statistics don’t lie folks!  Like our facebook at www.facebook/doxietaleadventures to see what I mean.
Follow along as we explore the ongoing adventures of Whiskers, Wags, and Sniffy. This doxie family is sure to steal your heart.  The journey has just begun!


    • Thank you Nyle…so nice of you to visit my site.
      I’ll be selling signed copies this Saturday June 14th for Old Glory Days if you’re going to be around!
      Nice to hear from you 🙂

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