Hometown Christmas Vendor Blender

Santa’s Super Sleepover was a hit!


I love signing my books at hometown events.  People came from all over to shop and support local.  Lots of people took advantage of getting my latest book for their collection.  It’s always so nice visiting with people.  Some I hadn’t seen since retiring from my Postmaster job (almost 2 years ago)!  Being so visible in the community for the last 15 years made leaving pretty tough so I’m thankful for these events that allow me to catch up with old friends.



Last year at this same event, several people asked me if I had a Christmas book out so I decided I should write one to have available this year.  Since no child ever actually sees Santa on Christmas Eve, I decided to come up with a way for Whiskers, Wags, and Sniffy to live the dream!

If you haven’t picked up a copy of Santa’s Super Sleepover yet, please do.  It’s a fun, quick read for the little ones in your life.  It will soon become that classic story you read each year on Christmas Eve!

What’s up next for Doxie Tale Adventures??  Sniffy Meets the Tooth Fairy happens to be in the hands of the illustrator as we speak.  This book holds special meaning (as they all do) and was inspired by my beautiful granddaughter who never ceases to crack me up.   She’s only 3 so the antics have only just begun!






Abby had a great time visiting with Santa this past weekend.  She was such a good girl wearing the hat she hates.  I guess she figured she’d better be on her best behavior 😉   How fitting that Santa’s Super Sleepover is available on Amazon now!  We’re getting ready to promote this and the other books in the series and excited for the first Christmas “tail”.  When my kids were little, one of my favorite things to do was take them to the bookstore to pick out a Christmas book.  I still can’t believe that I have my own books that kids can choose from.  I hope they enjoy reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.  Until next time………

READ ALL ABOUT IT…..Old dog learns new tricks!!




Just three more days until the Monticellobration in downtown Monticello, IL!!  This was my booth last year, with a mere 2 titles to offer.  That was my output for 2014.  This year, I worked on my 3rd book, Undercover Doxies, and the first ever Christmas book in the series, Santa’s Super Sleepover.  I hope to see lots of old and new faces this year as I try to bring awareness to my series.

I have learned so much since beginning this journey and one thing for sure is that the hard work starts AFTER your books are published.  Being such a small fish (like a guppy for instance) in an ocean full of authors and children’s books takes endless effort to try to stand out.

I set a goal when I created my Doxie Tale Adventure facebook page of reaching 1000 likes by the first year.  I started my page Memorial Weekend of 2014 and by April of 2015 I had reached my goal.  I joined doxie loving groups, children’s book groups, and author groups to brand myself.

Something I’ve learned in this whole process is that I love marketing!  Who knew?!?  My website is still under construction as I have so much more to learn but hang with me and I hope to continue to make improvements to make it more professional looking.  Bear with me, I’m old!

Like my LinkedIn summary says, “Maybe you CAN teach an old dog new tricks”.



OK…I’m not THAT old.  This was my favorite Halloween costume many years ago.  Note the handkerchief tucked into my watch, a trick I picked up from watching Dennis the Menace (a Mrs. Wilson thing).

Drum “role” please!!


My Christmas books have arrived!  I have to tell you the story about the role of Santa in Santa’s Super Sleepover.   I have this friend who has this super cool black Schnauzer (his head shot is shown above).  Although this series is dedicated to doxies, I knew he had to be a part of one of the books.  After much back and forth with the illustrator, I think we came up with a pretty good likeness of good ole Boerne (named after the town in Texas).

My friend has been through a lot the past ten years and Boerne has been such a blessing and thus deserves his day in the sun!  Any dog lover knows the important role these lovable creatures play in comforting their human companions when things aren’t so good.

I would like to thank these special friends for being such an inspiration and important part of my life ♥


Monticellobration 2015!

MonticellobrationDSC_1934 is almost here!  Look for our booth on the square in Monticello, IL next Saturday, September 19th.

I will have all four books available featuring for the first time, Santa’s Super Sleepover. The first EVER Christmas book in the Doxie Tale series!!

As always, I will sign and personalize your books. These make great baby, birthday, or Christmas gifts for your little ones.

Start your collection today!


I’m baaaaaack!!!





Wow…I have really been slacking!!  I can’t believe it’s been a year since my last post.  For that, I apologize.  The biggest reason for this has been technical difficulties that I was unable to correct. I’ve spent some time researching and learning on how to improve my website. While I have learned a lot, there’s so much more I want to do to improve it.

I’ve also been busy publishing and promoting my last 2 books.  I went back to work full time after an 8 month retirement and found out that promoting my books takes more time than I thought!  I go out to events, spend way too much time on facebook (waste would be an adjective my husband would use), and have just been learning, learning, learning.  The pic above is me (on the right) and my friend and confidante Sue, mom of Santa from Santa’s Super Sleepover, AKA Boerne, selling my books at a market.

That really cuts into my grandma time!  So again, I apologize for the inactivity.  My goal is to keep up with this site as well as my social media sites.  So stayed tuned for more in the upcoming months.  Winter will be a good time to devote to this project as I tend to hibernate when it’s cold outside!

Doxie Tale Adventures is on facebook as well.  Like us now to join in on the silliness!

Monticellobration Sept 20th, 2014



Look what’s new to Doxie Tale Adventures.  The “Baby Bundles” include 2 personalized books (A Super Fun Day & Howloween Fun), a bib,& a onesie.  All in a super cute gift bag and all for $30.  What a great way to welcome a new baby.  Bibs, onesies, and child & adult size t-shirts also sold separately.

Come out and see me on the square Saturday, Sept 20th in Monticello IL for their Monticellobration.

Bement Book Signing Aug 27th, 2014


bement book signing with tina


I held my first local book signing last night and it was a great success!  So many of my friends and family came out to show their support for Doxie Tale Adventures.  I was even lucky enough to meet new friends from out of town.  Everyone was looking to get their hands on my newest release, Howloween Fun.  The 2nd edition of A Super Fun Day was also a popular choice.  People will have the opportunity to follow Whiskers, Wags, and Sniffy on their next adventure early 2015 with a cute camping story, Undercover Doxies.  Also next year and just in time for Christmas 2015, Santa’s Super Sleepover!  Readers have a lot to look forward to when it comes to the series.

Join me on September 20th at the Monticellobration on the square in downtown Monticello.  As always, you will get a signed copy of my two books and I personalize upon request!

Book signing Aug. 27th



The release of book 2 in the Doxie Tale Adventure series is here!!  Many have requested their personalized, signed copies so I will be holding a book signing at the Bement Library on Wed. Aug. 27th from 6-8 pm.  Come on out and get your copy.  I have limited quantities of both books.

C.I. Living Appearance




My appearance on C.I. Living has changed to Monday, Aug. 4th.  The show airs on WCIA from 4-5pm.  Hopefully, Peanut & Abby will be on the set with me discussing my upcoming book signing at the Jane Addams Book Shop.  Tune in!!