January 14, 2014 Peanut’s Christmas Story


Hey ho…Peanut here.
Is anyone else glad the holidays are over? This “pin the bow on the wiener” thing happens every year. It hasn’t been funny since the first year. The holidays are not only stressful for humans…it can be a real drag for us too.

My stress starts the minute the stockings are hung by the chimney with care. Even though they start out empty, I can smell the treats from yesteryear lurking in those old socks. I was not born yesterday, I know eventually the paw stockings will hold yummy treats and a new toy to be shredded before Christmas day is over.


Because I don’t live alone, it is my DUTY (not to be confused with DOODIE) to stand guard over these stockings to ensure no other dog gets near them. If they do, there’s H…E…double hockey sticks to pay!IMG_3085

Oh yeah…and this really happened. The ole “let’s put the stocking on the poor defenseless dog” trick. That never gets old either(sarcasm implied). In conclusion…happy January all!


January 9, 2014 A Day in the life…….

Hi folks…Abby here.
Just an update on what’s been going on (awkward silence).

OK…so there’s nothing to update and nothing going on. I’m a DOG. I sleep during the day, and at night, I sleep. I do occasionally eat and potty.

I guess I could share a little dirt on my sister Peanut. She is the biggest P-I-G pig! I have to have a gate between her and I when we eat so that she doesn’t inhale her food in 12 seconds (true story) and then attack me for my food. I’m slightly more delicate and I savor my food. Not Peanut…she once at an ear plug that fell on the floor before she knew it wasn’t food (another true story). I’m still waiting for that to “resurface”…what a nincompoop.

Anywho…I hope you’re enjoying our antics and if anything else exciting happens, I’ll be sure to let you know!

Sincerely…the “good” one 😉

The Monster at the End of This Book Review

This Little Golden Book belongs to……

Remember that part on the inside sleeve of all Little Golden Books?  Well I do.  The Monster at the End of This Book” says, “Blake” 1987.  My son was born in 1986 and books were always a part of gift giving.  Sesame Street was a big part of my kids’ childhood and this Little Golden Book featured loveable, furry, old Grover (as he referred to himself).  And yes, I used my best Grover voice as I read this book and was totally hoarse after.  

My son received a talking Big Bird from his grandparents for his 1st birthday.  We still have that Big Bird and although he sounds like he sucked some helium and his eyeballs were chewed on by our Schnauzer Little Britches, Blake’s niece and nephew are now enjoying him.

This cute, whimsical story is narrated by none other than Grover himself as he looks for the monster at the end of the book.  He is so frightened at what might be lurking behind every page.   Little does he know (spoiler alert) that HE is the monster…oh how relieved he is to discover this…not that he was afraid or anything!

Your kids will ask you to read this book time and time again as they help Grover find the monster at the end of this book.  So cute!


January 6th, 2014 Winter Woes

Hi Ho from Peanut…the doxie diva as I like to call myself. Well today has been one for the record books.  Wind chills -38, “highs” of -11, and a foot of snow.  Not a great time to have 3 inch legs and a horizontal belly folks!  It’s fun to give mom that “look” from under the blanket though when she asks if we need to go potty.  I never realized how huge my bladder was.  Hoping for a balmy day of 28 by the end of the week.  Will probably need to go potty eventually.  Until then, I’m definitely decreasing my water intake and increasing my caloric intake (you know, for health raisins). Did I say raisins???  Freudian slip.  I meant REASONS.  I don’t even like raisins.   PSYCH!  I eat anything.

I’m dreaming of nice warm days sunning on our deck……….IMG_2275551

Just Me and My Puppy Review

One Father’s Day, when my kids were young, we were at my brother’s house and there was the cutest yellow lab puppy running around.  When asked if he had gotten a new pup, my brother said, “No:  someone dumped this one by our house and she’s been hanging around ever since.”  I asked if he was keeping it and he said that they couldn’t as they had just taken in one other stray and had two dogs already.  Since we only had one dog at home (Little Britches), we decided to give this loveable pup a home.   After many attempts at potty training, we appropriately named her Squirt (true story).  Squirt was with us for almost 13 years.  She was one of the best dogs we’ve ever had (after her potty training skills were honed).  She was definitely worth the time and effort.

No children’s book collection would be complete without Mercer Mayer’s cute, engaging books.  One that I read often to my kids and now to my grandkids is “Just Me and My Puppy (A Little Critter Book)“.
It chronicles the fun, but not always easy, job of training an energetic puppy.  Little Critter trades a valued possession in order to get his puppy. He stays true to his word when he tells his parents that he will take care of him.  The lesson learned in this particular story is that a puppy is a big responsibility and it takes a big commitment.  This is a great book if your family is deciding on getting a new pet.  I highly recommend checking out (pun intended) all of Mercer Mayer’s books as they cover a plethora of topics sure to please everyone.

This is Squirt the day we met her at my brother’s.  It was love at first site.


baby squirt

Cast of “characters”…Abby’s story


Greetings Doxie lovers of all ages.

My name is Abby and I am 11 years old.  I am the baby of the dog family and I’m a total mommy’s girl.  She calls me her shadow.  I really REALLY like my mom.  My favorite past time is lying next to her under a blanket.

When I was little, I was really small.  Oddly enough, my head remained really small but my nose, ears, and body kept growing and growing.  So I have this really tiny head and ears with an impressive wing span and could probably use a nose job.  Sometimes if it is really windy, I have to be careful a gust doesn’t pick me up and take me away.  It doesn’t matter though because my mom loves me just the way I am.

I am the sweetest little dog you’ll ever meet (unlike my sister Peanut).  The character Wags in my mom’s upcoming children’s book series is based on me.  Whenever my mom looks at me or talks to me, my tail goes to town.  I have no control of it really.  I am always happy and a slow eater (unlike Peanut).  I think Peanut has jealousy issues.  Sometimes she fakes injuries to get extra attention.  Pathetic if you ask me.

I LOVE to go for walks and rides in the car (unless we’re going to the doctor).  If confronted by other dogs, I will do anything to protect my mom (unlike Peanut).  I get in scuffles from time to time.  I’m pretty scrappy.  This one time (not at band camp) there was this “situation” with a plate of food being held vertically.

My aunt’s dog knocked it over and the food spilled on the floor.  As it turns out, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time because as I went over to smell the food, my cousin Izzy (a big, fat dalmatian) attacked me.  By the time my mom got to me, my eye had been bit and my head had been vomited on.  It was not a pretty site.  My eye swelled immediately and after a good washing in the sink, I looked like a drowned rat with a swollen eye.  I looked like a wiener dog version of Sylvester Stallone in Rocky.  I had some swagger after that.

Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

P.S.  I LOVE MY MOM!!!!!!!!!

Until next time…………..


Cast of “characters”…Peanut’s Story


Well hello my peeps.  My name is Peanut and I am a drama queen. I am 12 years old and rule the roost.  If asked to describe myself, I would have to say that I’m a people person (ok…that was sarcasm).  My mom and dad say I’m quite “cat like”.  If you say something stupid, I will roll my eyes.  The whites show up really well against my dark coat.  If you make me mad, I will give you the meanest stink eye I can muster and will remain mad for a really long time.  I will stare at you ceaselessly until you’re thoroughly creeped out, thus winning every staring contest I’ve been in.  I am a full time napper.

My eating habits?  I will literally eat ANYTHING that drops on the floor. Just last week I ate one of my dad’s earplugs.  In my defense, it was on the floor.  I eat my meals in under 12 seconds.  Swallowing the food whole is my little secret.  I love potato peels and can actually hear my mom getting the potato peeler out of the drawer.  Within seconds, I’m standing guard by the sink waiting for one to fly out on the floor.  Speaking of guarding, I am the keeper of the Christmas stockings.  I begin the day they’re hung and do not stop until they’re distributed Christmas morning (you’re welcome mom and dad).

I enjoy sleeping under the covers until I get hot.  Then I retreat to my pillow in the center of the bed.  Oh, and I’m a bed hog.  It’s a good thing we have a king sized bed because my mom and dad end up sleeping on the edge so I can stretch out my loooooong body.  I have a tent on every piece of furniture so I can slip underneath during my naps.

I despise walks (or any other form of exercise).  While at home, I am the master.  Get me past the driveway and I’m a quivering, tail between the legs coward.  I’m working on that.

Christmas is almost here so I wish you all a happy holiday as I wait ever so not patiently for my stocking to be filled.

Until next time………..



The Tickle Monster Book Review

When I found out I was going to be a grandma, my first inclination was to run out and buy more children’s books.  It had, after all, been over 20 years since I did that when starting my own family.  My concern was finding books that we didn’t already have.  While on vacation, I found myself in a quaint little shop.  It had lots of things for sale but naturally I was drawn to the section of children’s books.  The one that caught my eye right away was “Tickle Monster
by Josie Bissett and illustrated by Kevan J Atteberry.

What a cute, clever idea for a story.  If anyone has ever been a tickLER or tickLEE (yes I made that word up but hey, it fits), then you know that the best thing about being tickled isn’t the tickling itself but building up TO the tickle.  That’s what this book does for the audience.  It uses rhymes to keep you in suspense about what, exactly, is about to be tickled.

Another stroke of genius is the “tickle mitts” that go along with the story.  You actually wear these while reading the story so you can act out the book as you go along.  This makes for LOTS of tickling and LOTS of giggling.
You will be hard pressed to find a more enjoyable way to snuggle up with your little one!

In keeping with the Tickle Monster theme, a game I like to play with my one year old granddaughter is to “crawl” up her arm with my fingers while she’s sitting in her highchair.  My fingers crawl up her arm to her neck and as I’m crawling, I’m building my voice in advance of the “tickle, tickle, tickle” when I get behind her neck.  She screams in delight (at least I hope that’s the right adjective…it’s kind of hard to know what a one year old is thinking) as I reach her neck because she knows the tickling’s about to commence.  I’m pretty sure she likes it because we always both end up laughing and laughing at her reaction.  I truly have become the ultimate Tickle Monster.