Free Downloadable Coloring Pages Are Here!!

So, during a bout of insomnia (when I come up with some of my best ideas), I decided to ask my illustrator to make black & white versions of my book images.  I picked out some of my favorites and he jumped on the project.

As a coloring book lover, I wanted to share these coloring pages with you & your little ones.  They can be printed and laminated for a great rainy day activity or long road trip to do over and over (I recommend using dry erase markers).

If your little ones have read the books, see if they can guess which coloring page goes with each book.  Keep them on their toes over the summer break.

I hope you enjoy these pages from the Doxie Tale Adventures and feel free to share!

Here is the link combined-coloring-pages


Reading At My Grandkids’ School.

2 of my 3 grandkids.

Baby Cora’s not quite ready for reading.  Or is she…..

May 11th was Grandparent’s Day at our local school where my grandkids attend.  After the Grandparent’s Day activities, I was invited to read to the Kindergarten & Pre-K classes.

The kids had many questions about logos, branding, authors, illustrators, and even some pretty good ideas for future books.

The grand finale was when the grands donated a book to their classrooms.  It may have embarrassed my grandson a bit, HA!



Barnes & Noble Book Signing

I must admit when it comes to blogging, I could do a better job.  I am addicted to facebook and twitter but when I have news to share, I never take the time to post here.  If it were New Year’s and not almost Memorial Day, I would make a resolution to improve on this!

Story Hour

So here’s what’s been happening with the Doxie Tale Adventure series.  Last weekend I was the featured author at Barnes & Noble in Champaign IL.  I read my newest book, Happy Birthday To You!  It’s Our Birthday Too! and Sniffy Meets the Tooth Fairy during their weekly Saturday morning story hour.

Me, reading at Barnes & Noble during story hour.

Following story hour, I signed copies of both old and the new titles.  As usual, my family was on hand.  I didn’t think my grandkids were going to make it but when I finished story hour, I was so excited to see their smiling little faces.  So many friends came to show their support!


The Next Signing!

After much promoting and marketing, the signing is now but a memory and it was a great success.  On to the next event…Old Glory Days on June 10th.  This is my small home town’s annual festival and I always do well due to the wonderful support of my friends and family.



My 1st Birthday book is live!

Welp, I received my proof copy of book #6 in the series Saturday.  Of course, my graphic designer Heather from Designer’s Ink made it look great.  This is the 5th book illustrated by S.B. Dow and he continues to bring life to Whiskers, Wags, & Sniffy.  Once I look over my proof copy, I log into Createspace and approve the title.  Once approved, it’s literally just a few hours before it appears on Amazon & I’m like a kid on Christmas morning checking to see if it’s there.  I get so excited when I see it.

Happy Birthday To You!  It’s My Birthday Too! was written a bit like one of my favorite Sesame Street books from my sister’s childhood and also my kids’. There’s a Monster at the End of This Book leads the reader through the story to the ultimate reveal of the monster.

While it’s obvious what the pups’ clues will lead to in this book, it’s still a fun journey getting the reader there.  What a perfect birthday gift for a little one.  A new book is always a gift for every holiday in my house!  My grandkids’ Easter books are tucked away in my closet right now.  That’s where my gift purchases start then I let the rest fall into place.

I hope readers really enjoy this one!


Happy Birthday To You! It’s Our Birthday Too!

Book 6 Has Been Submitted!

Last year, after Sniffy Meets the Tooth Fairy came out, a friend suggested that I write a birthday book.  I had a different idea for my 6th book and tucked that request away.

After several attempts at my original story’s idea, I started another document and played around with this birthday tale.  It was flowing better than the other so I stuck with it, revamped it several times and low and behold, it’s finally finished.

In this “tail”, Whiskers, Wags, & Sniffy give clues to the reader to guess what special celebration they are preparing. It’s a cute, rhyming story that’s sure to be a perfect birthday gift.

The files have been submitted so once I get my proof copy and approve it, book 6 will go live on Amazon within hours.  My copies will be ordered as well and then, let the vendor blenders begin.

Now on to my next book idea!

Book 6 to go live soon!

It’s almost April and apparently, if history repeats itself, that means another “tail” in the series is about to go live on Amazon.

Book #6 in the Doxie Tale Adventures is almost ready.  This book is sure to become a favorite when your little one nears his/her birthday.  A birthday book was requested by one of my readers at a vendor event just last year so my rodeo book was put on hold to get this one out.

This is a great birthday gift idea for any young child.  Whiskers, Wags, & Sniffy share their birthday with their readers in this one.  It’s a fun, rhyming story that’s sure to become a favorite.

Look for Happy Birthday To You!  It’s Our Birthday Too! to go live on Amazon in the next few weeks!!

Hobnob Market Newbie

Hobnob Market Danville IL

Hobnob Market Danville IL

Huge 2-Day Market!!

My partner in crime & I had a great time at the Hobnob Market in Danville this weekend.  Driving up to the location, we were both in awe of what a huge event it was.  Neither of us had been there before & the tents & vendors went on forever!

Luckily, we got set up in time to check out a few of the awesome vendors (and there were some good ones).  When the gates opened Friday night, the people just kept coming.  The beautiful weather didn’t hurt.

The weather wasn’t so cooperative on Saturday as wind & rain made things challenging for the outdoor vendors.  I felt bad for them but I was lucky enough to have a great spot inside the big tent.

I made some new friends in my vendor neighbors and met so many people.  I loved telling them all about my books, how I started writing, what inspired me, and how I make each one personal & special.

My next book is partially written and I have a few weeks off before my next event, my hometown festival.  That one’s always special.  As the retired postmaster, seeing old friends and familiar faces is always a treat.

Barnes & Noble was a huge success!

Barnes & Noble Book Signing with the support of my family.

Barnes & Noble Book Signing with the support of my family.

My Support System!

I had such a great time at the local author event at Barnes & Noble and there to cheer me on, as usual, was my awesome family.  They have been so supportive in this dream of mine and this big moment was no exception.

People braved the rainy weather to come out and get their hands on my latest book, Sniffy Meets the Tooth Fairy.  The biggest percentage of sales went to my hometown friends who are also very supportive.

It was a great day!

French Market was a success!

CU Flea Market With My Besties!

CU Flea Market With My Besties!

CU Flea Market…Friends Always Make it Better

We had a great time at the Hospice Hearts French Market.  Spending the day with my great friends made it so much better 🙂  I met a lot of new people and introduced them to my books.  That’s what it’s all about, not the sales at the end of the day.  I’ve had several new likes on my facebook page and I know that’s from the business cards being handed out.

Informing New Friends of My Unique Gift Opportunities

Now I hope some new friends will get in touch with me when they get baby shower invitations.  I’m telling you, my personalized books make a truly unique gift to last a lifetime.  If I would’ve had something like this when my kids were growing up, I’d have gone nuts :/

Now off to my next big thing…stay tuned for more on that!

Hospice Hearts French Market


This Sunday April 17th, I will be selling my books at the Hospice Hearts French Market.  This event will take place at the Fluid Event Center in Champaign IL and part of the proceeds of my sales will go to helping misplaced dogs and cats.


Hospice Hearts is an awesome organization that finds homes for dogs and cats whose owners have either gone to a nursing home, passed away, or are in such bad health that they can no longer care for their furbabies.  They do such wonderful things and I am happy to be participating in their fundraiser.

Over 70 vendors will be there selling their wares and most will be donating.  I hope you can come out and support this cause.