Jody Feb. 24, 2014 Status

As I write this blog, my 1st children’s book is almost ready to go to publishing.  I cannot be more excited!   The first story follows the Doxie family as they go on an adventure to the park.  The title???  A Super Fun Day.

A little background on the book series.  The Doxie Tale Adventures features a family of 5 doxies.  Papa’s name is Roxy, the mama is Foxy and there are 2 boys (Whiskers and Wags) and 1 girl (Sniffy).  Each story will take you on an different fun adventure.  As in some of my favorite children’s stories, there will be fun lessons to be learned along the way.

The targeted age group for my books is 2-6 although older kids will enjoy reading these to their younger siblings.

There will be seasonal books where we celebrate the holidays with the doxies.  The first holiday book will be a Halloween themed story called Howloween Fun.

I will keep you posted on dates these and future books will be available to purchase through Amazon and Kindle.  Thank you for reading my blog!


Johnny Tractor and His Pals Review

December 25, 1988.  The book Johnny Tractor and His Pals was given to my son by his sitter and her family.  He and his sitter’s son were 2 years old.  She began babysitting when they were a year and a half and they instantly became best of friends.  My son was the best man in his wedding just a few years ago.

I am so glad that I kept this precious gift.  The memories behind them are priceless and so is the fact that my little farmer grandson is now enjoying it as he is about to turn 3.  He is the 4th generation being raised on their family farm.

In Johnny Tractor and His Pals, Johnny Tractor thinks he is the leader of all the farm equipment and also the most important.  Throughout the story, it becomes apparent that each of his pals has an equally important role on the farm.  By the end of the story, Johnny Tractor realizes that it is a team effort that is needed to run a farm.

Whether you live in the country or in a big city, this cute story gives kids a wonderful lesson about working as a team.

Rainbow Fish to the Rescue!


When a story combines great illustrating with a valuable lesson, it’s a real winner in my “book” (pun intended).  When scouring the shelves in the children’s book section of the bookstore, Rainbow Fish to the Rescue!
caught my eye mostly because of the colorful, shiny cover.  The fins on the fish actually sparkle.

That’s what drew me to the book.  Once I purchased it and read it to my kids, it was the story that got me “hooked” (pun intended again).  This is a story about a group of fish who turn their backs on someone who is different and just wants to play.  When the outsider encounters danger from deep in the sea, one brave fish decides to seek help from his friends to save him.  This brave act of kindness makes the other fish realize that we are all not so different after all.

What a great lesson for kids.  Definitely a book worth adding to your collection!

Pigs! Under the Post Office?

A postmaster friend of mine brought me a copy of her Postmaster Gazette magazine a few weeks ago.  In it was an article about a postmaster from Vermont that published a children’s book about pigs under a post office.  She thought I would be interested in reading it since I was about to retire from my postmaster job and was in the process of writing my own children’s book.  After reading the article, I immediately ordered the book.

“Pigs! Under The Post Office?” by Kristin Van Aken and illustrated by Matthew Gauvin is a super cute story based on actual events.  Not only is it entertaining, it tells the story of some bizarre circumstances at Kristin’s very own post office.  Even the names of the characters are based on figures in postal history.

Follow along as the adventures unfold at the post office as the three pigs, Ebenezer Hazard, Benjamin, and Willi find a secret entrance under the post office.  Being pigs, of course they were dirty (and more than a bit smelly), so postmaster Peachum and his customers soon realized something was not quite right……

I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading this book to your kids or grandkids.  Who knows, maybe you’ll learn a little something along the way!


Popcorn Book Review

Popcorn: A Frank Asch Bear Story” was given to my son in 1987.  I know this because it’s written inside the front cover of the book.  I highly recommend doing this when giving books as gifts.  I am a firm believer of books as gifts.  They’re great for birthdays, Christmas, and baby showers.  So if you’re unsure of what to give a child, a book is the perfect gift that will last a lifetime.  And don’t forget to put a note inside as to who it’s for and who it’s from (and a date).  This information makes it more special later on.

In this particular Halloween story, Sam the bear is having his friends over for a costume party.  They all bring snacks to share.  As it turns out, they all have the same idea as to what snack to share.  When Sam decides to make all the popcorn brought by his friends, he had no idea what would happen next.

When the popcorn starts spilling over the pot in the kitchen, no big deal.  Soon, the kitchen is completely full of popcorn, the guests waist deep in the stuff.  As it continues to pop and spill, the whole house becomes overtaken with popcorn.  The guest do their best to remedy the situation by eating the popcorn.  Many tummy aches later, the popcorn is finally gone and the guests leave.

When Sam’s parents return, the house is back to normal and they bring him a surprise.

Can you guess what they brought???

A cute story for Halloween or anytime.  One of our favorites!






The Spooky Old Tree Book Review

One of my kids’ favorite books growing up was ”The Berenstain Bears and the Spooky Old Tree
by the Berenstain Bears.  I had the pleasure of reading it to my “almost” three year old grandson yesterday.  It was the first entire book he was able to sit through (as a two year old can be quite busy)!  I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to read to him for quite some time as this was one of my favorite things to do with my kids.  Oh how I’ve missed the snuggle time.

 I tried this book because it is an easy read and it rhymes…a perfect combination for a toddler on the go.  When quizzing him later on the three items the bears take into the tree, he could recall these items easily as he was fascinated with the illustrations. 

We discussed each page in detail pointing out the alligators, owls, bats, and of course the sleeping bear.  You could tell he was glad when the bears arrived home safe and sound to the much comforting site of their mom.

If you don’t have this book, I highly recommend it.  Of all the Berenstain Bear books (and we have MANY), this is definitely the one that gets read the most!

January 18, 2014 Baby nipple


Psssssst. Hey you…yeah you.

You see that bottle back there? The one behind me on the table?
When everyone left the table, I licked the heck out of the nipple…still had milk on it.
It’s all good though. The baby was done with it anyway.

That is all.

January 14, 2014 Peanut’s Christmas Story


Hey ho…Peanut here.
Is anyone else glad the holidays are over? This “pin the bow on the wiener” thing happens every year. It hasn’t been funny since the first year. The holidays are not only stressful for humans…it can be a real drag for us too.

My stress starts the minute the stockings are hung by the chimney with care. Even though they start out empty, I can smell the treats from yesteryear lurking in those old socks. I was not born yesterday, I know eventually the paw stockings will hold yummy treats and a new toy to be shredded before Christmas day is over.


Because I don’t live alone, it is my DUTY (not to be confused with DOODIE) to stand guard over these stockings to ensure no other dog gets near them. If they do, there’s H…E…double hockey sticks to pay!IMG_3085

Oh yeah…and this really happened. The ole “let’s put the stocking on the poor defenseless dog” trick. That never gets old either(sarcasm implied). In conclusion…happy January all!


January 9, 2014 A Day in the life…….

Hi folks…Abby here.
Just an update on what’s been going on (awkward silence).

OK…so there’s nothing to update and nothing going on. I’m a DOG. I sleep during the day, and at night, I sleep. I do occasionally eat and potty.

I guess I could share a little dirt on my sister Peanut. She is the biggest P-I-G pig! I have to have a gate between her and I when we eat so that she doesn’t inhale her food in 12 seconds (true story) and then attack me for my food. I’m slightly more delicate and I savor my food. Not Peanut…she once at an ear plug that fell on the floor before she knew it wasn’t food (another true story). I’m still waiting for that to “resurface”…what a nincompoop.

Anywho…I hope you’re enjoying our antics and if anything else exciting happens, I’ll be sure to let you know!

Sincerely…the “good” one 😉

The Monster at the End of This Book Review

This Little Golden Book belongs to……

Remember that part on the inside sleeve of all Little Golden Books?  Well I do.  The Monster at the End of This Book” says, “Blake” 1987.  My son was born in 1986 and books were always a part of gift giving.  Sesame Street was a big part of my kids’ childhood and this Little Golden Book featured loveable, furry, old Grover (as he referred to himself).  And yes, I used my best Grover voice as I read this book and was totally hoarse after.  

My son received a talking Big Bird from his grandparents for his 1st birthday.  We still have that Big Bird and although he sounds like he sucked some helium and his eyeballs were chewed on by our Schnauzer Little Britches, Blake’s niece and nephew are now enjoying him.

This cute, whimsical story is narrated by none other than Grover himself as he looks for the monster at the end of the book.  He is so frightened at what might be lurking behind every page.   Little does he know (spoiler alert) that HE is the monster…oh how relieved he is to discover this…not that he was afraid or anything!

Your kids will ask you to read this book time and time again as they help Grover find the monster at the end of this book.  So cute!