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Current Titles in the Doxie Tale Adventure Series

A Super Fun Day (Book 1)

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A Super Fun Day, Book One in the Doxie Tale Adventure series, introduces readers to Whiskers, Wags, & their sister Sniffy. Published on 7/17/14, this rhyming tale takes you on a trip to the park from beginning to end.  As will become an all too familiar theme, the boys get into a bit of mischief before the day is through.

Howloween Fun (Book 2)

howloween fun

In Howloween Fun, Book Two published on 8/4/14, the doxie family host a “Howl”oween party.  Wags struggles with his costume choice.  By the end of the story, his imagination and creativity pay off as he becomes the winner of the costume contest!

Undercover Doxies (Book 3)

final cover

On 4/7/15, Undercover Doxies, Book Three, made it’s Amazon debut.  It’s a cute tale about a backyard camping trip.  The title “Undercover” Doxies has a double meaning in this story.  As any doxie owner knows, these little rascals love to burrow under anything they can get their paws on (thus the sleeping bags).  While on their camping adventure, they also solve a mystery that leaves Whiskers a little freaked out.

Santa’s Super Sleepover (Book 4)


Santa’s Super Sleepover, the first Christmas book and Book Four in the series, is the most recent to be published (9/3/15).  I decided to go back to rhyming for this one.  In this story, Whiskers, Wags, & Sniffy get the best Christmas gift ever!


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