Reading At My Grandkids’ School.

2 of my 3 grandkids.

Baby Cora’s not quite ready for reading.  Or is she…..

May 11th was Grandparent’s Day at our local school where my grandkids attend.  After the Grandparent’s Day activities, I was invited to read to the Kindergarten & Pre-K classes.

The kids had many questions about logos, branding, authors, illustrators, and even some pretty good ideas for future books.

The grand finale was when the grands donated a book to their classrooms.  It may have embarrassed my grandson a bit, HA!



Barnes & Noble Book Signing

I must admit when it comes to blogging, I could do a better job.  I am addicted to facebook and twitter but when I have news to share, I never take the time to post here.  If it were New Year’s and not almost Memorial Day, I would make a resolution to improve on this!

Story Hour

So here’s what’s been happening with the Doxie Tale Adventure series.  Last weekend I was the featured author at Barnes & Noble in Champaign IL.  I read my newest book, Happy Birthday To You!  It’s Our Birthday Too! and Sniffy Meets the Tooth Fairy during their weekly Saturday morning story hour.

Me, reading at Barnes & Noble during story hour.

Following story hour, I signed copies of both old and the new titles.  As usual, my family was on hand.  I didn’t think my grandkids were going to make it but when I finished story hour, I was so excited to see their smiling little faces.  So many friends came to show their support!


The Next Signing!

After much promoting and marketing, the signing is now but a memory and it was a great success.  On to the next event…Old Glory Days on June 10th.  This is my small home town’s annual festival and I always do well due to the wonderful support of my friends and family.



Hospice Hearts French Market


This Sunday April 17th, I will be selling my books at the Hospice Hearts French Market.  This event will take place at the Fluid Event Center in Champaign IL and part of the proceeds of my sales will go to helping misplaced dogs and cats.


Hospice Hearts is an awesome organization that finds homes for dogs and cats whose owners have either gone to a nursing home, passed away, or are in such bad health that they can no longer care for their furbabies.  They do such wonderful things and I am happy to be participating in their fundraiser.

Over 70 vendors will be there selling their wares and most will be donating.  I hope you can come out and support this cause.

Sniffy Meets the Tooth Fairy is now LIVE!

The 5th Title in the Series


Sniffy Meets the Tooth Fairy

Sniffy Meets the Tooth Fairy

It’s official!  Sniffy Meets the Tooth Fairy went live on Amazon April 8th.  This one is thuper thpecial 😉  My granddaughter cracks me up and her voice is so cute right now.  She’s 3 and has trouble saying certain things.  Last summer we went through what we like to call, “the great frinkle cheese debate”.  She said “f”s for “s”s so sprinkle cheese (grated parmesan) always came out “frinkle” cheese (refer to a previous post).


Making Story Lines Easy


Audrey goofball

Audrey being Audrey

Here’s the goofball now ^

I had to figure out how to get this funny memory into a story line so the “mithing” tooth was the answer.  I must say, I am really proud of this one.  Even though I add something personal to each one of my books, this one is extra meaningful.  I am truly blessed to be able to put these special family moments into a book.  No one else knows the inside jokes but my family does!

Making a Difference!

There’s been so much going on lately!


On February 18th, I spoke to Mrs. Taylor’s 6th grade class at my alma mater.  When I was in grade school, this was a 3rd grade classroom.  I spoke to the students about writing and publishing and they could not have been a better audience.  They listened well and asked intelligent questions.

After I left, they researched websites for kids’ publishing.  Mrs. Taylor took advantage of their excitement and made a decision to throw her lesson plans out the window and go with it.  They found exactly what they needed and got busy.  Their project was to write and publish their own book and that’s what they did!

Hearing that made me feel so good…it was like I really made a difference by sharing my passion.  My niece and nephew happened to be in the class and when their books came in the mail, they ran to my house (literally, they only live two blocks from me) to show me their books.  My nephew even dedicated his to me.  Talk about exciting!!

Being an author is so much more than coming up with a story, it’s about sharing my love for books, reading, and writing…oh, and doxies!  Don’t forget, I LOVE doxies (and German Shepherds, and Schnauzers, and mutts, and so on, and so on).

Mrs. Taylor’s 6th Grade Class

Speaking at My Grade School

Speaking at My Grade School

Sharing My Passion

I was recently asked to speak to the 6th grade class where I went to school.  I talked to the kids about books, reading, writing, & publishing.  I got so into how & why I started writing that I forgot to tell them that I went to that same school!

I didn’t mention that I loathed grade school.  I had my reasons.  I went kicking and screaming (literally) every morning until I reached junior high when I finally realized that school was pretty much mandatory and I may as well suck it up.  My siblings like to remind me of the fence clinging, car door knob clinging, and kitchen cabinet clinging (my poor dad).  This was my morning ritual.  I’ll bet my parents loved the summer months.  I wanted to appear as cool as possible in front of my “crowd” so I failed to bring up those memories.

Making a Difference

On a good note, they seemed really excited to learn that anyone can get a book published if they know the steps to take.  They came up with great questions and did research on kid’s publishing after I left.

It’s nice to pay it forward and see a spark of passion in these great kids.  I hope the thrill of writing continues for these students and maybe someday at least one of them can be in the position I am in…living my dream of seeing my books on Amazon!



Is It Finally Time??



I don’t know who misses our little black & tan Peanut more…us or Abby.  When we lost her (October 27, 2014), Abby was lost for awhile and we were devastated.  She was 5 days away from her 13th birthday and had the greatest personality.

Abby’s always been such a mommy’s girl though, I’m not sure whether she is lonely or enjoying having all the attention.  I’ve been back & forth so many times about getting her a companion or two.  She’s 13 now and doesn’t really like other dogs but I know she would get used to another one.

While I know there’s not another dog that will ever take Peanut’s place in our hearts, I think it’s time to rescue a dog or two and give them the best home ever.  We’re on some rescue lists so hopefully Abby’s new pal/pals will come along soon.  Wish us luck!


Monticellobration 2015!

MonticellobrationDSC_1934 is almost here!  Look for our booth on the square in Monticello, IL next Saturday, September 19th.

I will have all four books available featuring for the first time, Santa’s Super Sleepover. The first EVER Christmas book in the Doxie Tale series!!

As always, I will sign and personalize your books. These make great baby, birthday, or Christmas gifts for your little ones.

Start your collection today!


Book signing Aug. 27th



The release of book 2 in the Doxie Tale Adventure series is here!!  Many have requested their personalized, signed copies so I will be holding a book signing at the Bement Library on Wed. Aug. 27th from 6-8 pm.  Come on out and get your copy.  I have limited quantities of both books.

C.I. Living Appearance




My appearance on C.I. Living has changed to Monday, Aug. 4th.  The show airs on WCIA from 4-5pm.  Hopefully, Peanut & Abby will be on the set with me discussing my upcoming book signing at the Jane Addams Book Shop.  Tune in!!