Happy Birthday To You! It’s Our Birthday Too!

Book 6 Has Been Submitted!

Last year, after Sniffy Meets the Tooth Fairy came out, a friend suggested that I write a birthday book.  I had a different idea for my 6th book and tucked that request away.

After several attempts at my original story’s idea, I started another document and played around with this birthday tale.  It was flowing better than the other so I stuck with it, revamped it several times and low and behold, it’s finally finished.

In this “tail”, Whiskers, Wags, & Sniffy give clues to the reader to guess what special celebration they are preparing. It’s a cute, rhyming story that’s sure to be a perfect birthday gift.

The files have been submitted so once I get my proof copy and approve it, book 6 will go live on Amazon within hours.  My copies will be ordered as well and then, let the vendor blenders begin.

Now on to my next book idea!

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