READ ALL ABOUT IT…..Old dog learns new tricks!!




Just three more days until the Monticellobration in downtown Monticello, IL!!  This was my booth last year, with a mere 2 titles to offer.  That was my output for 2014.  This year, I worked on my 3rd book, Undercover Doxies, and the first ever Christmas book in the series, Santa’s Super Sleepover.  I hope to see lots of old and new faces this year as I try to bring awareness to my series.

I have learned so much since beginning this journey and one thing for sure is that the hard work starts AFTER your books are published.  Being such a small fish (like a guppy for instance) in an ocean full of authors and children’s books takes endless effort to try to stand out.

I set a goal when I created my Doxie Tale Adventure facebook page of reaching 1000 likes by the first year.  I started my page Memorial Weekend of 2014 and by April of 2015 I had reached my goal.  I joined doxie loving groups, children’s book groups, and author groups to brand myself.

Something I’ve learned in this whole process is that I love marketing!  Who knew?!?  My website is still under construction as I have so much more to learn but hang with me and I hope to continue to make improvements to make it more professional looking.  Bear with me, I’m old!

Like my LinkedIn summary says, “Maybe you CAN teach an old dog new tricks”.



OK…I’m not THAT old.  This was my favorite Halloween costume many years ago.  Note the handkerchief tucked into my watch, a trick I picked up from watching Dennis the Menace (a Mrs. Wilson thing).

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