Sniffy Meets the Tooth Fairy is now LIVE!

The 5th Title in the Series


Sniffy Meets the Tooth Fairy

Sniffy Meets the Tooth Fairy

It’s official!  Sniffy Meets the Tooth Fairy went live on Amazon April 8th.  This one is thuper thpecial 😉  My granddaughter cracks me up and her voice is so cute right now.  She’s 3 and has trouble saying certain things.  Last summer we went through what we like to call, “the great frinkle cheese debate”.  She said “f”s for “s”s so sprinkle cheese (grated parmesan) always came out “frinkle” cheese (refer to a previous post).


Making Story Lines Easy


Audrey goofball

Audrey being Audrey

Here’s the goofball now ^

I had to figure out how to get this funny memory into a story line so the “mithing” tooth was the answer.  I must say, I am really proud of this one.  Even though I add something personal to each one of my books, this one is extra meaningful.  I am truly blessed to be able to put these special family moments into a book.  No one else knows the inside jokes but my family does!

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