Free Downloadable Coloring Pages Are Here!!

So, during a bout of insomnia (when I come up with some of my best ideas), I decided to ask my illustrator to make black & white versions of my book images.  I picked out some of my favorites and he jumped on the project.

As a coloring book lover, I wanted to share these coloring pages with you & your little ones.  They can be printed and laminated for a great rainy day activity or long road trip to do over and over (I recommend using dry erase markers).

If your little ones have read the books, see if they can guess which coloring page goes with each book.  Keep them on their toes over the summer break.

I hope you enjoy these pages from the Doxie Tale Adventures and feel free to share!

Here is the link combined-coloring-pages


My 1st Birthday book is live!

Welp, I received my proof copy of book #6 in the series Saturday.  Of course, my graphic designer Heather from Designer’s Ink made it look great.  This is the 5th book illustrated by S.B. Dow and he continues to bring life to Whiskers, Wags, & Sniffy.  Once I look over my proof copy, I log into Createspace and approve the title.  Once approved, it’s literally just a few hours before it appears on Amazon & I’m like a kid on Christmas morning checking to see if it’s there.  I get so excited when I see it.

Happy Birthday To You!  It’s My Birthday Too! was written a bit like one of my favorite Sesame Street books from my sister’s childhood and also my kids’. There’s a Monster at the End of This Book leads the reader through the story to the ultimate reveal of the monster.

While it’s obvious what the pups’ clues will lead to in this book, it’s still a fun journey getting the reader there.  What a perfect birthday gift for a little one.  A new book is always a gift for every holiday in my house!  My grandkids’ Easter books are tucked away in my closet right now.  That’s where my gift purchases start then I let the rest fall into place.

I hope readers really enjoy this one!


Book 6 to go live soon!

It’s almost April and apparently, if history repeats itself, that means another “tail” in the series is about to go live on Amazon.

Book #6 in the Doxie Tale Adventures is almost ready.  This book is sure to become a favorite when your little one nears his/her birthday.  A birthday book was requested by one of my readers at a vendor event just last year so my rodeo book was put on hold to get this one out.

This is a great birthday gift idea for any young child.  Whiskers, Wags, & Sniffy share their birthday with their readers in this one.  It’s a fun, rhyming story that’s sure to become a favorite.

Look for Happy Birthday To You!  It’s Our Birthday Too! to go live on Amazon in the next few weeks!!